Travel Dejavu

Start-up which helps people to find and remember places for night outs.


  • We all have that great night-outs and restaurants we visit at night with friends, but sometimes its nightmare to remember them next morning or when you want to visit again. Fortunately/unfortunately all we remember is all those great fun we had. Travel Dejavu claims they can help people remember their night-outs more clearly.

Logo story

  • “We are helping people remember that great fun places they visit in night out so our logo just do that too.”

  • “Our logo must represent the feel and fun of night-outs. Should make people feel safe to use and trust.”

  • “We want people to have fun but don’t make our logo too much of fun so people won’t take it seriously. As we will be gathering people’s personal data and analysing their daily habits, we certainly don’t want to appear too casual. We are very professional in what we do and we would like our logo to show that.”


  • Branding

  • UI/UX Design

Tools used

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator